Like several recent additions to Nottingham’s list of acclaimed breweries, Beeston Hop grew out of a home brew hobby. 


After deciding I wanted to brew seriously, I spent a few days visiting breweries and brewing with established craft brewers to improve my knowledge of commercial brewing. I will always be incredibly grateful for the openness and welcoming attitude of many brewers, willing to share their time and expertise with a newb like me – many thanks guys. 


The beer is mainly brewed in very small batches and bottled by hand. Occasionally I also brew something and put it into cask and in 2017 I'll also be exploring kegging my beers.


Early on I decided that I would brew vegan beer. Not because I am vegan myself; god knows, bacon improves most things. But it just seemed odd to me that it would be considered normal to add the liquidised swim bladders of fish to beer, in order to make it clearer. After brewing for a while – and speaking with other brewers – I came to realise that it wasn’t just odd, it was also unnecessary. So our beer is fish-part free. 



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